Taking Risks: Wear What You Want

October 6, 2015

Taking Risks

This month I have decided that I am not going to purchase any new clothing and wear what I have in my closet. Why? Because I need to wear what I own, and I need to stop overlooking what’s in there. It’s time to start taking risks, folks!
Today, I wore this dress. Now, normally, I’d be like “How in the world am I supposed to wear this thing?” But it was an impulse buy, I thought it was cute, so I needed to find a way to incorporate it into my wardrobe.

For example, I never would have picked this top from The Copper Clothesline on my own…But I decided to go out on a limb because I really liked the shape and the open back. I will totally be wearing it as a wardrobe staple now.

taking risks

Guess what? I got a ton of compliments on my plaid getup. So. I wore the duster (as it’s called), some booties kind of like these, and this duster cardigan from Old Navy. I accessorized the whole look with a skinny calf hair leopard belt from J. Crew and my awesome necklace from The Copper Clothesline. I was so nervous to wear it out. I felt kind of “hobo-chic.” Until I walked in to work and was greeted with a slew of, “I love that dress!”

That is when I started to think about what you guys have asked for from this blog, “How do I wear that?” “What goes with this/that?” “How did you put those patterns together?”

I’m here to help, and I’m also here to challenge you. Here it is: Wear something, every week, that is out of your comfort zone. Maybe that’s a pair of bright, funky earrings or a statement necklace.

Maybe that means you wear a new silhouette, like this oversized tee. I also love this top from Karen Kane, and this one from Adam Lippes line for Target.

Maybe clothes aren’t your thing, but you’ve been considering a bold, new lip color? Try this awesome one from Urban Decay. Y’all, I know what you’re thinking: “Seriously? If I don’t like it in the mirror, I’m not wearing it. But that’s the challenge: once per week, this month only, push yourself.

Take a risk

Photo by Abby Oates

This top may not look like anything much different than I normally would wear, but the shape was so far from what I normally would choose. But, I bit the bullet, tried it on, and thought, “You know? I can make this work…Actually, I like this!”

take a risk

Photo by Abby Oates

I paired it with my red leopard calf hair booties and Flying Monkey jeans for some interesting detail.

take a risk

Photo by Abby Oates

Outfit Details: top c/o The Copper Clothesline//jeans//earrings c/o The Copper Clothesline//shoes, old similar here

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