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Who am I?

I’m a wifey to Jason, schnauzer mom to Sadie and Ralphie, and a displaced Southerner living in the desert.

I’m Erin Katherine Nickerson, and that’s where the name, ekatnick comes from.

I love Arkansas, thunderstorms, sweatpants, shoes, flowers, laughing, books about World War II,  Orangetheory Fitness, “The Office”, and in general, anything that involves glitter. Blue Moon is my favorite beer. If I could eat hot dogs for every meal and get away with it, I totally would.

If it’s awesome, I’ll partake, and probably ask you to join. In fact, I started this awesome adventure to share awesome things with y’all.

I tend to laugh at inappropriate times, and I think most would agree that I have a pretty dry sense of humor. I’ll try to keep my silliness at bay around here, but no promises.

I have always had a love for fashion and travel. I decided to start this blog to document my adventures and what I wear along the way. Every once in awhile I may even throw in a recipe or a great restaurant recommendation, just to spice it up a little. Anything goes around these parts!

If you ever wonder what to wear, where to wear it, and even what to eat when you get where you’re going, you’ve stumbled upon the right place. So stay awhile, and enjoy, maybe one day we’ll even get to meet!IMG_2205
adorable schnauzers

Jon Ed Rowe Photography Erin Bridals
Hudson Photography Erin and Jason Garvan Gardens




  • Reply Kasey Boyd August 13, 2015 at 5:57 am

    Love! So proud of you!

  • Reply Heather McVay August 13, 2015 at 4:17 pm

    So excited for you, sweet girl!!!

  • Reply Kristina Nickerson August 14, 2015 at 6:35 pm

    You are Perfect at this!!! I will enjoy every minute! Love you sweet girl !

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